Paano ang pamilya mo bukas?

Huwag kang mabahala, nandito ang DES Financing – ang kasangga mo sa buhay pagkatapos ng serbisyo.

The DES Financing Loan is available to AFP pensioners.

New Loan

Do you need support for your housing, educational and health needs? Contact us today.

Renewal Loan

You can renew your DES Financing loan before your current loan ends.


Is your current loan fully paid? You can now reloan with DES Financing.

Advanced Loan

Do you need more cash? If your current loan is not enough to cover your needs, avail an additional DES Financing Loan.

Loan Requirements

New Loan Requirements

  1. Retirement Order
  2. AFP Pensioners ID
  3. Landbank ATM / Passbook
  4. Other Valid ID
  5. 2pcs 2×2 Pictures
  6. Proof of Billing (Optional)


  1. Declaration of Legal Beneficiary
  2. PSA Marriage Certificate
  3. PSA Death Certificate
  4. PSA Cenormar (Husband and Wife)
  5. Retirement Order / Posthumous Order
  6. AFP Pensioners ID
  7. Other Valid ID
  8. 2pcs 2×2 Pictures
  9. Proof of Billing (Optional)

1044 Parents

  1. Retirement Order / Posthumous Order
  2. Declaration of Legal Beneficiary
  3. PSA Marriage Certificate
  4. PSA Death Certificate
  5. PSA Birth Certificate (Deceased MIlitary)
  6. AFP Pensioners ID
  7. Landbank ATM / Passbook
  8. Other Valid ID
  9. 2pcs 2×2 Pictures

Renewal Loan

  1. AFP Pensioners ID
  2. Land Bank ATM
  3. Cenormar (For Beneficiary)

Additional Loan

  1. AFP Pensioners ID
  2. Land Bank ATM
  3. Cenormar (For Beneficiary)
Founded by the late Col. Felix P. Dueñas, Sr. (Ret.), the company started as a lending investor.

Our purpose is to extend character loans to you, the pensioners of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP)

to support your varied financial needs and to augment your standard of living. Our steady growth through the years eventually warranted our conversion into the financing corporation that it is today.

DES Financing is the only AFP loan product provider that makes loaning a seamless experience by delivering convenience, real-time response and solution in under 60 minutes.

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